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Daily Deals


There’s no shortage of online-only & multiple-location offers on the daily deal sites. Here’s how it works: When you buy a deal from one of the daily deal sites, you’ll receive a voucher. Follow the instructions on the voucher to redeem it, and you’re set.

Many of the daily deal sites stick to the “daily” concept, and the deal is only available for the 24 hours that are that day. Others give you a few days to think it over.

The Deals:


Solo Men's Rain Boots with Cotton or Fur-Lining: Solo Men's Rain Boots with Cotton or Fur-Lining (70% Off)
XRay Men's Genuine Suede Savvy Oxfords: XRay Men's Genuine Suede Savvy Oxfords (65% Off)
Aquatic Multi-Tool Scrapers: Aquatic Multi-Tool Scrapers (38% Off)
Jawbone UP Fitness Tracker Bracelet: Jawbone UP Fitness Tracker Bracelet (62% Off)
Aduro U-Snap Bluetooth Selfie Stick: Aduro U-Snap Bluetooth Selfie Stick (55% Off)
3-Pack of Sriracha2Go Bottles: Empty Sriracha2Go Bottles (3-Pack) (52% Off)
Monogrammed 100% Turkish Cotton Bathrobe: Monogrammed Luxury 100% Turkish Cotton Bathrobe (68% Off)
FAVI Home-Theater LED 1,000-Lumen Projector and 100" Projection Screen: FAVI Home-Theater LED 1,000-Lumen Projector and 100" HD Projection Screen (53% Off)
6-Piece Embroidered Cotton Towel Sets: 6-Piece Embroidered Egyptian-Cotton Towel Sets (72% Off)

Living Social

Multi-Mount Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker - 6 Colors: (75% Off)
Multi-Cable Charge & Data Sync Tool: (74% Off)
Colorful Arm Premium Aviator Sunglasses - 3 Colors: (83% Off)
Vivid Aromatherapy Ultrasonic Diffuser / Humidifier /...: (70% Off)
Protective iPad Chef Sleeves - 25 Pack: (57% Off)
Sterling Silver Eternity Band Ring with Simulated Diamonds: (86% Off)
MonkeyOh Phone Dock & Cable Holder: (75% Off)
Clip-N-Go Bluetooth Sport Speaker - 5 Colors: (64% Off)
Cell Phone Cross-Body Bag - 5 Color Options: Cell Phone Cross-Body Bag - 5 Color Options (63% Off)
Toe-Stretching Foot Alignment Socks: Toe-Stretching Foot Alignment Socks (82% Off)



Center Link Media, LLC: CLM: Selfie Flash (67% Off)
ACET Venture Partners, LLC dba Koolulu: KOOL: Gold Beauty Bar (60% Off)
Revolving Market LLC, dba Novadab: NOVA: Mother Prayer Bracelet (85% Off)

Deal Chicken